About Me

So, here I am but what am I doing here? Well, I decided that the best way for me to begin a career in writing would be to just begin writing. Since I have a passion for tea, it seems as though I have some words I can spill on a page.

Hello! Welcome to my first EVER post. Be kind, be gentle- it’s my first born and I can’t handle anyone calling it bad names. I’m sure I’ve given you a rough idea of what I’m up to but let me make it crystal clear.

Why am I doing this?

  • Because I want a career in content writing and a blog is the perfect way to expand a portfolio. Yep. That’s it. Hire me please, I’m honest.
  • Because career goals aside, I honestly love tea way more than coffee. And I know bits and bobs about it. And I want to share my knowledge with like-minded individuals. And have them share their love for tea with me.

There are coffee bloggers, travel bloggers, sewing bloggers and so many more boggling bloggers that it really was hard not to get swept away in the idea of writing about something that sells well to an audience. I enjoy all of these but I would be doing a disservice to the category and community by writing a knockoff version of something I’m not wholly passionate about… yet I want to incorporate aspects of each into my own blog.

As a reader, what can you expect:

  • Advice on teas and an exploration of health benefits through brands and leaves.
  • where to go to enjoy a cuppa in the city both with and without your coffee loving friend.
  • Whatever else I can come up with that is inTEAresting to me.

I’m excited, are you excited? Maybe I’ll post regularly, maybe not, maybe I’ll become a photographer and media wiz overnight and create amazing content every time or maybe, I’ll just enjoy the process, see where it takes me and you can enjoy it with me.

Well, that’s all for now… Speak soon!

19th May 2020
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